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Florian Ruckert - Chief Executive Officer RMS Germany, DE

Reconsider your strengths

Radio needs to regain the attention of the advertising industry, says Florian Ruckert of the Radio Marketing Services.

Radio sales teams across Europe need to change their techniques for selling radio. According to Ruckert, this means investing in more creative spots, investing in research and education, and delivering innovative ideas.

And relevance is key to strong innovation. For example, if a company sells winter diesel, the campaign should only run when it is cold. And Broadcasters and advertisers should be deciding this on a day-to-day basis.

Radio’s reach is 77.5% in Germany, making it the most efficient media. This kind of information should be used in sales strategy, Ruckert emphasises: "Sell topics instead of media, sell solutions instead of performance, sell results instead of discounts" he says.

That way, sales teams will make use of radio’s strength: to activate consumers to actually go out and buy things.
According to Ruckert, radio doesn't build a brand, it sells it. "At the point when your brand has been built and you need to sell off, then you book radio ads. It has the strongest call for action any media can offer."

Listen to Ruckert's ideas and suggestions: