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Gary Gale, Nokia's Director of Places

Radio`s new location?

Gary Gale, Nokia's Director of Places, gave an insight in how geotagging and user location will transform the world and how radio broadcasters can benefit and profit from this development.

He outlined the two main types of location – Geo-location (where you are) and Geo-identification (identifying places).

He felt stations had a great opportunity to geotag their content to provide great opportunities to improve the experience for our listeners. Using open-source databases like Geonames – stations can start to analyse and then surface views of their content based on their location.

He showed some experiences from KQED (A US NPR station) as part of their ‘Quest’ initiatives where they’re tagging all of their content to deliver a hyper local experience. We also saw how Global Radio in the UK have added location based checks in their mobile apps that give users the stations near them.

Overall Gary felt that the opportunity for radio lay in the ability to bring together audience (a passionate one), content (a large amount of it), skill in advertising and a local layer to supercharge the areas where radio is already successful.