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Michael Hill

Radioplayer goes worldwide

Michael Hill, Manager Director of UK Radioplayer, announced today that the service will go worldwide later this year. With Radioplayer one year old this month, Hill reviewed the progress of the project that brings together 315 of the UK’s radio stations online.

Over 7million unique users use the service each month to listen to both live and on-demand audio from commercial and BBC stations.

Working together, Michael felt, has real benefits – you speak with one voice, you can keep your costs and risks down, as a partnership you attract bigger partners.


Michael went on to announce a raft of new plans for the service. Radioplayer will go mobile this year, with native apps for both iOS and Android. It’s also expanding into connected TV’s, being one of the launch partners for the new YouView service and also planning a roll out to other providers too.



Radioplayer’s final piece of news is that they are taking the model worldwide. The system is being made available for territories that want to adopt its partnership model. They have already come to an agreement with Russia, with more countries already exploring the opportunities.


In the same session about Connected Radio at Radiodays Europe, James Cridland (MD of Media UK) gave an update on RadioDNS – – explaining how easy it is to connect broadcast and IP. James stressed the benefits of reducing their internet traffic (for both broadcasters and consumers) by letting apps tune into broadcast and then take images, tagging and programme guides over IP connections.
He also encouraged stations to email to get their services listed (it’s free!) and to find out how to launch RadioVIS services really easy.


Mats Åkerlund, Head of digital strategies at Swedish Radio ran through Swedish Radio’s embedded player allowing anyone – a blogger, a newspaper, a TV company – to embed all of their audio (live and archive) on any website, or even in Facebook. It sounds like a very simple way to drive awareness about programmes and stations. Over 3,000 sites have embedded audio and it now represents 6% of their started streams.