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Radiodays Europe 2013, day two highlights

 It's been a great two days here in Berlin. We hope everyone gets home safely through the snow. If you've got some time waiting around for delayed planes at the airport, take a look at these top stories from day two.

Radiodays Europe 2014 will be held in Dublin, Ireland, between 23rd and 25th March 2014. The conference venue will be the world class Convention Centre Dublin, right by the river Liffey.

Ross Adams, Spotify's European Sales Director gave a whistle-stop tour through the Spotify product. Adams felt that Spotify were more a friend than a foe to the radio industry and that there were many opportunities to work together. In the UK 16 per cent of Spotify users don't listen to commercial radio and only 10 per cent listen to the public service BBC - this gives a large opportunity for radio to reach new audiences.

David Reeves, from BBC Humberside, a local BBC station in the North East of England, said that good ideas were the most important thing in radio. His big idea was to bring Beryl and Betty on-air, something that won all three of them a Sony Award in the UK.
In 2011 a young girl named Leni Gagga turned BBRadio in Berlin on its head and created what has proven to be their best promotion to date. Leni, aged just six years old, programmed the radio station's music playlist for six weeks.
Radio France is focussed on sound quality, as Joel Ronez, Director of New Media at Radio France, explained. He is broadcasting in 5.1 surround sound as well as binaural sound.
NRJ France's listenership has grown by 1 million listeners a year, for the past three years, due to its aggressive music strategy, integration with its online platforms and on-air global promos.
Simon Gooch from SBS, explained that they, like lots of other radio stations, see users who visit their website pop the player and then close the site. They've decided to upgrade their radio players and make them more web-like.
"An enigma, a sound puzzle and a permanent experiment" - that is how Andrey Knyshnew, Producer of Chiplduk, describes his radio station. Chiplduk destroys normal radio programming and creates something completely absurd, and attracting 50,000 listeners per month.
Radio is struggling to be recognised as an effective advertising medium in many markets across Europe, said Bob Suppiah, Director of Promotions and Partnership Marketing at BskyB. He thinks broadcasters need to help those who are less radio literate to understand and experience radio.
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#rde13 so it's Dublin for radio days Europe 2014.. I'll drink to that!
#RDE13 Spotify is Quantity. Radio is Selection. Filtering is our Brand. Says @denisflorent
Great session from @nikgoodman and friends - 25 ideas in 45 minutes. #rde13
Listeners want to have FM or DAB+ activated in their mobile phones according to UK survey @JamesCridland
1200 delegates at #rde13. That's 2400 devices connected to wi-fi