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Radiodays begins

As Radiodays Europe got under way in Berlin this morning, radio executives looked towards a bright future for radio - one that is connected, creative and filled with content.

It was an auspicious occasion, with a hard-hitting panel discussing the key theme of the conference: sharing radio’s future. Paul Robinson, former Head of Strategy at BBC Radio, introduced Dagmar Reim, RBB Berlin, Stefan Moller, AER, and Annika Nyberg, EBU, to the stage.

The speakers commented on radio’s relevance in a competitive market. Digital broadcasting was a particular focus, with Stefan Moller discussing radio’s multiplatform future and Annika Nyberg promoting the EBU’s eurochip campaign. Coming form the host nation, Dagmar Reim also provided the audience with the historical background of German radio.

In the following session four top level executives - Joachim Knuth from NDR, Germany, Jan-Willem Grüggenwirth, Radio 538, Netherlands, Cilla Benkö from Swedish Radio and John Simons, Real and Smooth, UK - discussed the future of radio. 

They were cautios about the industry resting on its laurels. If radio wants to maintain its position it must produce unique content and strong journalism, expore new revenue streams and remain in-tune with its audiences.

Watch the official opening of Radiodays Europe 2013 - and the following top level session with the executives.