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Radiocity Milan - Italian radio festival in the weekend 13 - 15 March

Sunday afternoon 15th March participants to Radiodays Europe will have a convenitent and great opportunity to network with Italian radio colleagues at the festival Radiocity Milan.

Radiocity Milan takes place at Fabbrica del Vapore not far from the venue MiCo during the weekend 13 - 15 March.  The buses for the Milan City Tours and for the EXPO 2015 "sneak preview" will go via Fabricca del Vapore before ending at conference venue MiCo.  And the Radiodays Europe welcoming reception will be held in a separate hall at the same location from Sunday at 1900 hours.

So - what is the Radiocity Milan?  It is an event which for the first time brings the most important national networks in Italy together for a big festival.  Radiocity Milan will offer a weekend of live radio broadcasts, interviews and live concerts.

The first edition of 'Radiocity Milan' will be a big event dedicated to Italian radio, its history, its personalities, the future of communication, in the City where the most important national networks are based.

For the first time Italian Radio will join forces for a three-day marathon: interviews, live concerts, workshops, radio hosts, actors, journalists and italian and international djs will grant you an all access backstage pass to their world: we'll listen to the radio together and share stories, passion and innovations.

The topics of discussion will be many: the most popular Italian radio personalities will discuss and share experiences with the listeners.

The front yard of Fabbrica del Vapore will also host radio trucks, to grant a live coverage of the most important broadcasters: one after another, a true dream team of radio shows.

 Last but not least, the festival is also going to host a special session of Meet The Media Guru: the guest of honor is Helen Boaden, director of BBC Radio.