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Radio is your trusted guide

Stefan Møller,President, AER,  admits his addiction for radio on our blog:

Warning number one: I am a radioholic and I can never get enough.

Warning number two: Radio was my first love and it’ll be my last

Warning number three: I have earned my living from the industry for the last 25 years, so my perspective is not necessarily objective.


A constantly changing media world is around us. How will the world’s first wireless media and the world’s first social media called RADIO survive?

The relationship between the radio and the music industry has changed dramatically. The radio is no longer the place for youngsters to find new music. They will find it on You Tube, Spotify or other online music services. Never has it been easier to access all different kinds of music, but I am happy that we stand in the centre of this change – it is a huge opportunity for us all.



In a world where information and media streams hits you here, there and everywhere: where is the place for our dear radio media? Where does its strength lie?

In my answer I borrow the words from, I dear to say a friend of mine, Julian Treasure from the Sound Agency: Radio will be your trusted guide!
The strength of radio lies in the well planned and produced mixture of talk, stories, entertainment, news, music and surprises. In today’s online world it is so easy to get lost and be mislead: right or wrong info? I don’t know- I got it on the web.


I repeat: Radio is your trusted guide!


The present and future of the radio is to be a multiplatform and I believe FM is going to be a part of this platform. The listener does not care about which technology is used when listening to the radio. What matters is that it is free, easy to access, and that it works everywhere and in every single device that has been purchased for communication purposes.

What will be listened to? Who will get the audience? It is the content that matters! It is the brand that matters!


There is one cloud in the sky though. Copyright.

What we now need to avoid from a copyright’s perspective is not to squeeze too much from our old milking cow.  Co-operation is the key. Juxtaposition and greed get us nowhere. There has to be a balance between how much the radio pays for music rights, use and other services that uses the same content.


Finally – Thank you for RadioDays Europe.
Our industry needs this event. We need to meet, learn and share ideas and different opinions.

I will end with the words from another dear friend - Lenja F.Papp from Slovenia:  Radio is beautiful!

Looking forward to see you all beautiful radiopeople in Berlin!
Spread the word.  Radio is in town!

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