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Radio from the whole world gathering in Milan

Enthusiastic support from the Mayor and the EXPO 2015 for Radiodays Europe 2015 in Milan.

At a press conference in Milan 3 April the decision of making Milan the next host city for Radiodays Europe 15 - 17 March 2015 was heartly welcomed by the city's Mayor, the EXPO 2015 and Milano Congressi.  Milano, the city of the world fair Expo 2015, will be ready to host the over 1300 delegates of radios from all over the world. 

The Mayor of Milan Giuliano Pisapia affirmed that “ in this city thousands of radio and communication professionals, as well as whoever is interested, will be able to find a modern, dynamic and stimulating environment which will make Radiodays Europe a particularly special event.  Milan is without the shadow of a doubt the Italian capital of media and a focal point in Europe. The radio has been able to keep up with the times and it is today a media that responds to millions of citizens who demands diversified information, in Italy as well as all over the world. It is a media which is at the same time old and modern, able to reach out and communicate in an original and dynamic way with millions of people all over the world. And in 2015 we will celebrate with Radiodays Europe 90 years from the first radio transmission in Milan.”

Event Management  Division General Manager of Expo 2015 S.p.A., Piero Galli, explains:

”The choice of hosting Radiodays Europe in Milan the same year as the Expo is significant as well as fortunate. At the eve of such a great event as Expo Milan 2015, this important radio meeting will catalyse worldwide media attention on the opportunities this city can offer. The radio is a unique communication means, which connects directly to the listener in a simple and clear way. This is the reason why Radiodays represents an irreplaceable chance to spread the values of the most important event that Italy, and Milan, will host next year, the Expo. Expo Milan 2015 will enter every home to tell its challenges on the theme “Feeding the Planet. Energy for Life” through the most broadcasted radios in Europe.”

“The Italian Pavillion will offer  the opening event to Radiodays Europe. This way, two months prior to the official inauguration of Expo 2015, Padiglione Italia will be able to demonstrate how Italy will display its culinary and wine excellence to the world. This will enable our guests to take a peek at what an evening at Expo will look like, offered by the Italian Pavillion” said Paolo Verri, Contents and Events Manager of Italian Pavillion.

The choice of Milan as host of Radiodays Europe 2015 is the result of an excellent team work and of a city of international prestige which is constantly evolving” claimed Michele Perini, President of Fiera Milano. “ We are proud to contribute to the great charm of our city with our exhibitions, as well as conferences. Radiodays will be hosted in our congress center in Milan, the MiCo, which respects high reception and services standards at a European level. The MiCo is an extraordinary facility and a treasure for Milan, which has recently climber the charts in terms of more desirable location for events. Fiera Milano has significantly invested in MiCo and continues to do so. The area which will host Radiodays Europe is currently undergoing major maintenance interventions”

Anders Held and Rolf Brandrud, managers of Radiodays Euope, claimed that “Milan is from different perspectives the Italian capital of radios, in particular commercial ones, as well as an important benchmark for digital radios. Milan is also an extraordinary centre of culture, creativity, fashion and design. The city is also known worldwide for its good food, wine and fun. All these ingredients mix up to create an interesting and fascinating destination. The presence of such a well organized congress center such as MiCo convinced us to choose Milan for the 2015 edition, just before the Expo begins. Because we are certain this will be the right place to be”.

“It is a huge success for the Italian radio industry, whether public or private, which we want to engage, starting from the big networks all the way to smaller radio stations. It will be a great occasion for us to show the world what is  “Made in Italy” in terms of communication and radios. It is a challenge we have won thanks to the effort of many actors that have understood the importance of this event which will land in Milan only a few weeks before the EXPO”, says Filippo Solibello, Radio2 Rai host ad Italian delegate to  Radiodays Europe .