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The Radio Summit at Radiodays Europe

Christoph Faulke, Axel Springer, opened the session, “Radio is local and regional which insulates it from other media”. 

He felt audio is more and more important in the digital space and called for the radio industry to work with Youtube, Spotify, iTunes radio. His message was ‘Make-Buy-Partner’ “Be fast, innovative and passionate and radio will have a really good future”.

“In Norway we are going for a switch over of FM to DAB + in a few years”, said Thor Gjermund Eriksen, NRK “Should radio lean back and wait for DAB+ or should we rely on FM and hope the internet develops fast enough to keep radio relevant”. We can’t rely on gate keeps iTunes etc. He noted that in FM there is just no spectrum and “With digital people listen more to radio!”.


Helen Boaden picked five developments in radio last year 1.Serial (?) demonstrated the power of speech in a digital age and showed that radio is ideally suited to the modern world 2. Zane Low, leaving Radio 1 for apple shows that broadcasters aren’t the only ones who see the power of radio. Radio providers have to think harder about what we are doing, we need to build on our strengths and must innovate and experiment around our core principles. 3. The launch of radio 1 iPlayer fits with the BBC strategy and delivers distinctive public service content. 4. MyBBC addresses the problem of changing listening habits enhancing experiences through personalised radio switching between live listening and on-demand content. 5. Day long War and Peace; “Outstanding, ambitious, high quality content; radio to love, radio to remember”. 


Stephan Moller, YLE, radio really wants to make things happen, “Something is happening in the younger demographic, we have a new generation to whom radio is not important anymore” though he did note that there is always an audience for good content. In the future people will not buy a radio receiver – they will buy a laptop or a mobile phone we need to be there. “We need to build personal brands, hosts, shows etc this is a growing part of radio”.