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Bernard Bahners

Radio Strategies for Smart Phones

The Managing Director of Bernhard Bahners talked about it never being easier to reach new target audiences in more countries – and the app downloads keep increasing.

For radio, the social options help give users orientation and navigation for content and do well when combining local content and advertising. Bernhard felt mobile’s becoming more and more important, particularly as next year mobile devices will outnumber PCs.
He talked about there being a role for both radio brand apps as well as radio aggregators on people’s devices, but we’ve got to remember that it’s competing for ear-time with new and innovative music services as well.
Bernhard felt the three things to consider when building an app are were: consumer insights, the competitive environment and whether your core idea is to become a ‘lovebrand’ app – and will the functionality do that job?

Joel Ronez, Head of New Media from Radio France, explained they were playing catch up in the internet field. They have a dual strategy of ensuring the distribution of existing material alongside the creation of brand new content and brands. Mobile however is the key focus. Radio France wasn’t strong on the web, or on radio visualisation, but they’re trying to get ahead on mobile.
Whilst mobile listening in France is up 2.5%, it’s not all good news, for 11 to 15s the radio listening is down 7.3%. He felt we need to do more to provide apps and services that cater for this audience.
When launching new products they think about:

  • Editorial/offer based (not driven by technology)
  • Development – mobile design comes first
  • All applications must be available for all OSs – iPhone, Android, Blackberry and WindowsPhone7

Gunnar Garfors at the Radiodays Europe in Barcelona 2012

Gunnar Garfors from IDAG laid out their vision:

  1. A single market for devices
  2. Combination of broadcasting and the internet
  3. Cross border services

Their key aim is to get device manufacturers to provide access to hardware APIs so we, as an industry, can build innovative new combined broadcast and IP services. Through combination, it’s easy to flick from live to on-demand, collaborative tagging, gambling and voting, or affiliate purchase – providing the best of broadcast, with the added value the internet can deliver.
These devices are already here – the Samsung Galaxy 5, a plugin peripheral for iOS and Android tablets all bring together DMB/DAB with IP. He felt that radio must go digital as it secures equal opportunities to everyone. With DMB/DAB+, it’s on a  platform that’s advanced, widespread, mature and here.