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Mark Barber

Radio is the most effective media

Advertisers achieve more listener engagement when an advert is combined with editorial radio content. Listeners are also far more energetic and happy than users of TV or the internet.

Research from the Radio Advertising Bureau in the UK prove what the radio industry have been saying for years; radio makes you happy. 
RAB set out to find how silence, any media and specific types of media affected people thoughout the day. Research proved that the use of any media improved both the level of happiness and energy, but it was radio that out-performed TV and online.
“Radio improves energy levels by almost 300 per cent,” said Mark Barber.
By comparison online improved energy levels by just over 200 per cent and TV by about 160 per cent.
The reason is consistency, says Barber.
“Radio provides a consistent environment tailored for the listener, what ever they do and where ever they are”.
Part of the study RAB conducted were the use of EEG to see the activity of the brain. They tested the subjects in absolute silence, then with adverts followed by silence, adverts followed by music and finally adverts followed by radio content.
“Adverts followed by editorial radio content enhanced the listener engagement far more than any other combination,” concluded Barber.