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Dan Biddle

Radio can benefit from integrating twitter.

Dan Biddle, Twitter UK’s Head of Broadcast Partnerships, outlined the way radio can benefit from integrating twitter.

He declared that Twitter is where information flows furthest and fastest and that it's powered by the one-to-one conversations of its users.

Here is the facts he presented  about twitter use:

  • 1 billion tweets every two and a half days
  • Only 60% of users actually tweet themselves
  • 80% of users access Twitter on mobile in the UK

He felt there was often synergy with how Twitter is used and how radio is used. Radio has historically been something that people can consume whilst doing other things. In fact, it is one of its success. Twitter is similar - it's something that people often do whilst doing something else as well.

Dan feels that the best way to get the most out of Twitter is by “activation” - creating reasons why people should be involved. By using hashtags, stations can create “feed lines” that prompt responses and as people tweet these, they are shared with the station but also with their friends - potentially driving awareness.