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Radio beyond radio

Skyrock is one of the most successful radio stations in France and one of the largest social networkers in the world. But things are changing. It’s CEO Pierre Bellanger shared his vision of how radio is still relevant in a time of mobile and social media.

As a radio station in the French market, Skyrock is massive. It has 4 million daily listeners and is considered to be behind the success of rap music in France.

And Skyrock is spearheading personal content. Pierre Ballinger believes the golden age of radio is now. There have never been so many possibilities of choice and information, and this means radio has never been stronger.

Radio can make a connection with individuals. Ballinger is wary of new technology that leads to mechanical radio made through algorithms. But he believes that radio stations will win eventually, through “surprise, interaction and magic”.

Pierre Ballinger wants a new radio revolution in technology - for advertisers and the audience.


Radio is a dying medium?? Pierre Bellanger doesn't seem to think so! In fact, he believes that we are just entering the golden age of broadcasting when it comes to radio