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Radio Bang Bang!

The student radio which will be broadcasting from Radiodays Europe, has takes its name Bang Bang! from  an eccentric elderly gentleman in Dublin in the 1950s and 1960s who achieved fame as a character in the city. 

A fan of cowboy films, Bang Bang (real name Thomas Dudley) used to travel the buses and trams of the city staging mock shoot-outs with passing people (hence his nickname).He carried a large church key in his pocket which he used as a 'gun'. Dubliners, who enjoyed his good-natured antics, used to participate in his games, sometimes "returning fire" by pretending they had a gun in their hands and shouting "bang bang" back at him, or by falling down "dead" on the city streets when he suddenly appeared at the back of a bus or tram and "shot" them.

Radio Bang Bang!  Radiodays Europe Student Radio, will be made by media students from Dublin Institute of Technology.  They will broadcast interviews and sum up impressions and lessons learnt from the conference in magazine programmes. Catch up everyday on what sessions you may have missed with special bulletins at 13:30 and 18:00.

During the conference days two radio channels dedicated to Radiodays Europe will broadcast live online and on the public broadcaster RTÉ’s DAB network.  The other channel is RTÉ Radio 1 Extra which will be actively promoting radio as a medium in 48 hours of special broadcasting – speakers and delegates will be interviewed about their favourite radio programmes all over the world and the channel will transmit these interviews and programmes.  Tell about your own favourite and get on air in Ireland!

In addition a radio studio will be set up outside the conference halls in the venue of Radiodays Europe for the conference days.  From there programmes in the Irish public broadcaster RTÉ and local commercial broadcasters will be broadcasted live.  Broadcasters from other countries are also welcome to sent from the studio – just coordinate with for vacant time slots.

Radio Bang Bang! and RTÉ Radio 1 Extra will both also be streamed on Radiodays Europe’s mobile app for IOS and Android.  Note: RTÉ’s DAB network covers 52% of the Irish population and 12% of households own a digital radio