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Radio across all platforms

Multiplatform radio is the future. That’s what James Cridland promises the audience at the start of his session.

Something that offers programmers and sales teams around the world exciting new opportunities.

Caroline Grazé, Head of Radio at NRJ in Hamburg, backs this up. Web radio means more listeners - all over the world. The only question is – what to do with them? How can radio stations make money out of this new audience?






James O'Brien, from ABC Radio, suggests that if a station has a great idea, it doesn't always have to be broadcast on mainstream radio – try it out on the web. At ABC Extra, a pop-up web station in Australia, they are only broadcasting for six months of the year, promoting events and special content.

Multiplatform is also key for Ali Abhary, from Spectrum Media in Turkey. But he warned about saturating audiences with content. Having too much choice is confusing – sometimes you just want to kick back and listen to the radio.

See James O'Brien's slides:

See Caroline Grazé's slides: