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Radio 2 is number 1

Helen Thomas, Editor of Chris Evans’ Breakfast Show, talked about how they create one of the world’s most successful radio shows.

“It’s that instant shot of energy you need to get up in morning”.  That’s how Helen described the breakfast show, which pulls in over 9 million listeners a week. We heard examples of this, with top-of-hour jingles being full of exciting and energetic sounds. 

Chris appeared through a video message, answering 10 questions about why the show is so successful. His answers emphasised the need for positivity, plenty of interaction and music. And most importantly, to never forget the importance of your position. 

Helen says that the show’s mission is “to reinforce the good about life, and not bang on about the negative”. 

The shows success is built on it’s spontaneity. But Thomas highlights that this is meticulously planned. The format is tight, but there is room for movement and this is what makes the programme different, and allows it to reflect everyday life. All features are made to get the audience’s name or voice on air. Thomas says this is important as it reinforces a community of listeners. 

In a time of bleak rolling news, Helen Thomas showed that positivity that pulls in the biggest audience.