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Public service will continue to drive quality

The UK’s Helen Boaden opened Radiodays Europe on Sunday evening.

 Speaking to a packed hall at Radio City, the Director of Radio at the BBC said that she was in no doubt about the future of radio and roused the Italian crowd, bringing to life her exciting vision for radio.



In an interview with Radiodays Europe, ahead of her session in Milan this week, Helen Boaden spoke about the bright “radio future” ahead. 


Radio is more popular than ever and listening in the UK reached record levels last year. You only have to look at how many new groups are getting into audio - Apple Radio, brands, magazines - to see how exciting a medium it is right now. 


But this complicates things! Anyone can make content and audiences are attuned to finding the content they want. So how does radio stay relevant with so many competing content providers? In an age of devices, time shifting and constant media bombardment this may be a challenge. 


But radio is up to the task.


Keep creating quality content and, importantly, be as smart and effective as possible when distributing your content. How does your listener (or user) want to consume your content? What other types of content are they consuming?


Also, think device! Does your content suit the new devices that people are using? At the moment this means screens! Phones, tablets and internet connected TVs. 


But the only thing that remains constant is change. 


Will public service broadcasting be a thing of the future? Absolutely says Helen Boaden. PSBs are there to provide distinctive, high quality content that informs, educates and entertains. In a world of infinite choice, the BBC drives quality and enriches cultural life. 


Helen Boaden will be speaking today at Radiodays Europe at 1415.