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Gabrielle Cummins, CEO / Programme Director, Beat 102-103, IE

Programming your station for success

Keep things simple and target the right audience. These were some of the tips given on how to make your station successful at the “Ireland's best PDs and programmers” presentation.

Across the panel of speakers it was agreed that not only is radio facing increased competition in a digital age, but also finding the right talent can be difficult.


Garbrielle Cummins, from Beat 102-103, said that noticing a gap in the market is crucial. She spoke about the importance of music, saying “it has to be right for your audience” in order for you to remain market leader.


Dave Kelly, Group Programme Director for Ireland’s number one station, FM 104, said standing out is imperative to success. “My mantra in life is to be famous for something”. With FM104 being the most “unpredictable” and in your face station in Dublin City, Kelly says content is of utmost importance. Furthermore, he suggests that stations should “invest in a good PD”.

Both Dan Healy (RTE 2fm) and Liam Thompson (Communicorp Media Group) focused on the importance of rebuilding the station image and brand to keep in line with audiences.


Healy suggested that in order to remain on top “we have to engage and interact with our younger listeners”.


Liam Thompson believes that the decline in younger listeners is due to the digital age and the decrease in radio recruitment.

“If you are not recruiting audiences into radio it becomes a long term problem. In order to combat this we need to sign the right talent at the right time as it creates an opportunity to involve them in the rebranding and rebuilding of the station image”.


Everyone spoke about the importance of social media, especially when targeting the ever-declining younger generation of listeners.