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Programming Radiodays 2012

What will be on the agenda in Barcelona March 2012? This was the topic when radio representatives from 13 countries met in Brussels on 21 September.

It was the meeting of the Conference Committee, the advisory body of Radiodays Europe. For a whole day radio representatives shared ideas about what they think should be on the agenda for the Radiodays Europe conference 15-16 March 2012 in Barcelona.

They represented organisations such as EBU, AER, egta and WorldDMB as well as active radio people from UK, Germany,  Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands and the four Nordic countries.

Radiofuturologist James Cridland opened the meeting with an overview of what´s next on radio in the UK. The discussions that followed resulted in a catalogue of ideas, cases from different countries and the most important issues to be addressed during the next year's conference.

- There was a wide range of input for next year's Radiodays, says Anders Held, one of the Project Managers. You can imagine, we had representatives from commercial radio, sales houses as well as public broadcasters, and from new media experts as well as leading media trainers in the BBC, UK and ARD, Germany.

The organizers will also have dozens of meetings with broadcasters in different countries across Europe – and overseas. The transparent programming process with the involvement of broadcasters from across Europe is one of the hallmarks of Radiodays Europe. 

- We have already received plenty of suggestions for topics and speakers and we remain open for new ideas and proposals. Anyone should feel free to make proposals to the project managers, who are responsible for the final programme, says Anders Held.

So what topics will be on the agenda 2012? What speakers? The programming process is now underway.  Some speakers will be published in November, and a preliminary programme will be published in early December.