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Podcasting your way to success

Chris Bannon told the Radiodays Europe audience how to build a strong podcast strategy.

He is the Vice President for Content Development and Production at WNYC in the States.  The article is followed by his slide presentation from the session.


With over 27 million monthly digital impressions, 13 million downloads per month and users spending nearly 2 hours listening, Bannon is doing something right.

For him, there are six ingredients to a successful podcast strategy.


Powerhouse brand potential – the strategy needs to have the flavour of New York. It has to meet young and diverse audiences and create powerful loyalty.


Mission compatibility – users of the station vote for the service through a pledge system, so the podcasts must appeal to this kind of donation.


High personality vehicles – it’s no longer sustainable to have presenters who only talk. They must be able to speak in public, work in front of video and appear “on the ground” during campaigns.


Room for us to add value – a lot of what New York Public Radio does is produced within the organisation, with a “do it your self” mentality across the board.

Content has the potential for deep audience engagement – the station needs to talk to everyone, including women and diverse groups. 


Content generates high loyalty – if they create the right balance of these things in their content, listeners will be remain loyal.

Slides from Chris Bannon's presentation