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Please don’t stop the Music

What is the future of music radio stations? That was the question posed by Marc Findlay from Capital FM in the UK and Tanja Ötvös, from Radio Hamburg in Germany. And in answering, they delivered an insight into their daily work as heads of music.

 Both Marc and Tanja approach their audiences in very different ways: Capital FM focuses on live music events. The annual Summertime Ball is a key focus in the calander, with performances from artists such as Coldplay and Katy Perry. Whereas Radio Hamburg emphasises its role as a taste-maker. If an artists plays in Europe, Radio Hamburg provides listeners with information about the concert, namely, should the listener go to the gig. 
The internet plays a major role in their daily work. Music is coming from everywhere and it is difficult to spot a good tune amongst the noise online. 
Of course, Capital FM and Radio Hamburg both do research testing songs with their audience. But sometimes you have to be patient, Marc Findlay says. He remembers the slow success of the song “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol, for example. After three weeks, Capital FM discussed the idea of pulling the song from the station's playlist. But Findlay insisted on keeping it. In the end he was proven right. The song was eventually nominated for a Brit Award as well as a Grammy Award, and it is now regarded as Snow Patrol's most successful song to date.