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Claire Wardle, BBC College of Journalism

People are using social networks as a guide to the media

A radio station would be crazy not to spend time where the audience is spending their time , says Claire Wardle, BBC College of Journalism.

Claire Wardle is an expert on the use of social media, and when we talked to her about her session on RDE in March she said that social networks and radio are complementary

More and more radio stations are using social media. Can Twitter or Facebook become competitors to radio?
- The audience are increasingly spending time on social networks and using them as a guide to what to read, watch and listen to. A radio station would be crazy not to spend time where the audience is spending their time. It's not a competition between social networks and radio - they are complementary. People are actually watching more TV and listening to more radio because people are talking and recommending more and more and the 'audience' is responding by 'listening' again via catch up services or using apps like 'tune-in' to try radio stations they hadn't found before.
How can a radio station use social networks to improve?
- Social networks are a natural extension to the community feel good radio has. The most successful radio stations are those that seamlessly transition the conversation that happens on-air to the social networks.

Can social networks weaken a radio station and its audience?
- NO social networks are strengthening radio and the audience. They allow fans of a radio presenter or station to talk amongst themselves in between broadcasts. It's provides ways for radio presenters to talk directly to the audience and to receive real-time feedback.
Where do you find the best examples within radio?
- Internationally, NPR (National Public Radio) in the US is an impressive example. They have over 2.2 million facebook fans. NRJ in Paris, Triple J in Australia or Radio 1 in the UK are great examples of youth stations doing this really naturally and well. Spin Southwest in SW Ireland is a commercial radio station with 75,000 facebook fans - very impressive for their size. There are also individual radio presenters using twitter brilliantly, such as the journalist Mark Colvin (@colvinius) (ABC Australia), the music DJ Lauren Laverne (BBC 6 Music).
You will hear more about these and other stations in Clair Wardle´s and Brett Spencer´s session about radio and social media at Radiodays Europe.