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People are Idiots

It’s good to overestimate your audience”. That’s the view of Absolute Radio’s Geoff Lloyd and Annabel Port. They give an entertaining presentation, including much audience presentation, to discuss the belief in radio that “People are Idiots”.

Geoff dispelled the idea that the audience is “other”. The last thing radio should be is patronising, and presenters should train their listeners to help them make engaging radio.


The pair emphasise that people can’t be defined just by market research. There are many more relevant facts presenters can find out about an audience just by investing time and effort - which will ultimately be repaid.  


Lloyd and Port point out that by finding unknown audience passions, we can avoid talking averages and do something that’s different. And in an era full of technology, streaming services and on-demand content - this is what makes radio still relevant. 


The main way to stop treating people as idiots is to produce “compelling content, engaging brands”. Lloyd summarises this by saying that an audience wants to see “interesting people being authentic”. 


When discussing making radio, the pair pushed the producers in the room to focus on the small, specific phone-in topics, because they will generate the better, funnier, more authentic calls. It is this, Port and Lloyd believe, that makes radio relevant. 


If audiences aren’t treated like idiots, they won’t be, and you can make smart shows.