Passion meets Progress
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Paris, France 2016 – Radiodays Europe Host City

Monday 17 March, Milan: After two fantastic days in Milan Radiodays Europe has announced that the host city for 2016 will be the French capital of Paris.


Anders Held, Project Manager, Radiodays Europe: “Milan this year has really shown us the best of Italy and we wish the city of Milan every success with Milan EXPO 2015.”

There have been some incredible sessions from speakers across the world. There are so many amazing people in the radio industry and the ground swell of creative content, new technologies and social media innovations have made this week really exciting”

“Next year Radiodays will move to Paris for what we are sure will be an incredible event hosted by the public and commercial broadcasters. The vibrant and varied radio market in France is the perfect back drop to Radiodays Europe and we are all very excited for visiting the French capital next year.”



“As we leave Milan we would like to thank all of our hosts and partners this year for what was a very special 2 and a half days”.


Radiodays Europe 2015 has once again brought radio professionals together to discuss the hot topics in radio today. Amongst the highlights at this year’s event there have been presentations by the Heads of radio from across Europe.


Highlights for 2015 include hybrid radio, branding, the importance of your audience, the variety of platforms and devices available and techniques for developing talent.


The buzz online has been incredible too. The hashtag #RDE15 has provided delegates and radio professionals around the world with a range of lively, engaging and insightful comments.

The theme of this year’s event “Passion meets Progress” has been discussed throughout the event. The world is still passionate about radio and all of the speakers and participants  agree that progress is about bringing radio to the listeners on all platforms regardless of device.


Radiodays continues to grow and this year with more than 1,300 participants from 60 countries, 50 sessions with 100 presenters.