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The next generation of ads

How difficult is it to make money out of mobile listeners? Quite easy, according to RMS, targeting the “headphones generation”.


In 2015 there is a growing number of people using headphones when out and about, listening to audio as part of their daily life. This generation is mostly aged between 14 and 39 years old and accesses their content online,


RMS have developed a new selling proposition targeting these listeners. This strategy includes pre-stream audio ads, in-stream audio ads, and audio and display ads. RMS can offer these ads to agencies and advertisers across web radio, mobile, music on demand and personal radio.


Dr Lars Peters is Head of Business Development Digital Media at Germany’s RMS. He tested this proposition on a campaign with Panasonic, promoting their new wireless audio multi-room systems.


It worked too. RMS found that those who had heard a spot ad online were 67% more likely to purchase a wireless audio multi-room system, and 50% were more likely to buy the Panasonic device.