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New radio platforms mean new revenue and new creative opportunity

Radio has never been more multiplatform. New forms of radio continue to take hold across the world, whether on DAB+ or online.

These don't just add new ways to listen: they give radio programme-makers exciting new creative opportunities.

The Australian ABC, for example, regularly produces temporary, "pop-up" stations focusing on subjects as varied as phone hacking to the Rolling Stones; while Austria's Kronehit have established new side-channels better targeting sections of the community within their transmission area. We'll hear more about how they work, and what they sound like.
Additionally, new platforms also means new revenue - new ways of engaging and exciting audiences and advertisers alike. We'll hear how Turkey's Spectrum Medya is using new techniques online to get closer to their audience and provide a more attractive service to advertisers.
This session is a must for both programme-makers and commercial directors, and will make you think again about the possibilities afforded by new radio platforms.