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New partners: France, Ireland, Switzerland and Community Radios

We are proud to announce that four new organisations have signed up to become official partners of Radiodays Europe.

•       SIRTI (Syndicat Interprofessionnel des Radio et Télévisions Indépendantes) – the organisation of the independent radio stations in France
•       IBI (Independent Broadcasters of Ireland), the forum for all private radio stations in Ireland
•       VSP (Verband Schweizer Privatradios), the private radios of Switzerland
•       CMFE (Community Media Forum Europe), bringing also the third leg of the radio family,  the community radios,  to be part of Radiodays Europe.


This confirms the wide support for Radiodays Europe across all borders and the importance of the event for the radio industry in Europe, says Project Manager Anders Held.

Radiodays Europe now have supporting partner organisations in 18 countries in addition to the European and international broadcaster organisations such as EBU (public), AER (private), egta (sales houses), URTI and WorldDMB.
During last year new partner organisations were also added in Russia, Italy and Spain. 
In this year´s hosting country, Germany,  Radiodays Europe is supported by Radiozentrale, ARD-Deutschlandradio (public), VPRT (private), ARD-ZDF Medienakademie and Lokalrundfunktage. 
The partner organisations play an important role in making sure that the programme of Radiodays Europe will be the best possible and reflecting trends in different markets. The partners are represented in the Conference Committee. They also distribute information about the conference to their members.