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New news? Hear all about it

News is a critical part of radio’s output, but in a world of tight deadlines and strict editorial, how is it changing?

Tony Scott and Tue Blædel have got a few ideas. They are journalists with Danish Radio P3. News people through and through, Tony and Tue treat their content differently. Everything they do is fun, even if the topics are not fun.

In fact, they don’t even read the news on air, especially not in their “news voice”.

Can the news be entertaining yet also remain credible? Tony and Tue think so. They’ve devised several ingenious ways to make the news fun, bold and unpredictable. They don’t cover news stories that they don’t find interesting either. In this sense, P3 take ownership over their news content.

It's quite a unique editorial strategy. But then again, Tony and Tue always do things differently.