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A new form of public value

Can you make a hit song, do public good and build your media brand, all at the same time? Finland’s YleX believe so. And the answer for them is condoms, obviously.

For the past few years, Head of music, Peppi Puljujarvi, and Channel Manager, Tomi Saarinen, have created a “summer rubber” song where an established pop act creates a song about the importance of wearing a condom.


The result has been a string of hit songs, each with over 5 million views on YouTube, hundreds of thousands of streams on Spotify and even a number 1 hit.


It’s a great idea and has resulted in the station becoming talk of the town.


One way this same goal has been achieved at Germany’s N-JOY Radio has been to offer their listener’s “money-can’t-buy” experiences.


Norbert Grundei, Head of Programmes at N-JOY, discussed the station’s N-JOY Secret concerts, where listeners have been able to win tickets to exclusive gigs with huge acts.


Since starting in 2003, these concerts have taken place in castles, old swimming pools and even on a ship. Craig David has played, as well as James Blunt and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.


“Secret”, as it is called, is now the station’s most important event brand. It produces great content and has helped to engage listeners on air and via social media.