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National focus in autumn - European in spring

In autumn there's a steady stream of national radio conferences.  In spring, Radiodays Europe in March stands more alone with its European profile.

Which national radio events we are talking about?  The Swiss Radioday 25 August, the Dutch NPOX conference 8 September,  Der Deutsche Radiopreis on the same date.  The American NAB Radio Show September 14 - 16.  The new British Nextradio-conference 15 September.  The German Radioday 20 September and Medientage October 19 - 21.  The three Scandinavian Radiodays in Stockholm 29.9, Oslo 29-30.9 and Copenhagen 1.10.  And the British Radio Festival 31.10 - 2.11.

In short - there are a lot of national radio events that show how radio is a vital and important industry in Europe.  On the European level Radiodays Europe has - after two successful events - established itself as THE European radio festival for public and private radio and radio-related industries.  RDE do not compete with the national conferences, but rather complement them, as they mainly gather radio people from their own nation and have a national focus.  RDE gathered nearly 700 participants from 45 different countries to the latest Radiodays Europe, in a conference where international connections and an European focus are the central attractions.

Inspiration goes both ways.  The organizers of Radiodays Europe travel extensively, taking part in national radio events and meeting radio people around Europe, to catch up with the important issues and interesting speakers for the radio industry at present.  Ideas, themes and speakers from the last Radiodays Europe do often show up later at other events.  This is how it should be in a radio industry that faces with many common challenges.