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Music passion in a playlist era

Nik Goodman, MD of Bounce, chaired an entertaining discussion about the role of a DJ in music radio. He was joined by Luc Frelon from Fip in France, Jure Longyka from RTV Slovenia, and Chris Blacklay from Somethin’ Else, to debate how relevant the music curator still is.

The session started by listening to clips from Fip. Luc Frelon pointed out how it runs all music for 24 hours a day without commercial interruption. Frelon emphasised the importance of music selection, and how an audience still wants to be influenced. He was highly critical of music passion on mainstream Top 40 radio stations, stating that being unable to select their own music means they’re unable to effectively sell the tracks.

Chris Blacklay said that for the BBC, the traditional “Ratings by Day, Reputation by Night” strategy is often not the case, national stations will now hire presenters known for their music knowledge, and usually history. He gave examples of David Rodigan and Giles Peterson, highlighting how audiences like to be told what to know, by people who are definitely in the know.