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Mobile broadcast/internet convergence is here

The first full-fledged mobile multimedia device supporting both broadcasting via DMB/DAB+ and the internet  is now launched by Samsung


- This give broadcasters, advertisers and mobile network operators the possibility to combine live broadcasted radio stations and TV channels with innovative interactive functionality, says Gunnar Garfors, president of International DMB Advancement Group (IDAG) and one of the speakers at Radiodays Europe.

The advantage of broadcasting over webcasting
Consumption of content via DMB/DAB+ cost both broadcasters and consumers less than via the internet. Broadcasted radio is free to air for the end user, radio streaming via the internet is not. Broadcasting will also work no matter how many people uses the network, whereas mobile internet will become congested with relatively few users. Using broadcasting for radio and TV consumption does in other words help preserve bandwidth for other kinds of web surfing.

The first converged broadcast/internet mobile device aimed at the mass market comes from South Korean manufacturer Samsung and was launched February 22.

Gunnar Garfors believes other manufacturers will follow on mobile phones as well as tablets.

At Radiodays Europe he will show how converged broadcast/internet mobile devices can open for services like touch screen shopping, integration of the second screen of social media in the first screen of broadcasting - and also integration of live broadcasts and on demand programmes.