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Milano Congressi - venue for RDE 2015

The North Wing of MiCo (Milano Congressi) has conference halls well fitted for Radiodays Europe.  MiCo is located a few metro stations from the vibrant center of Milan - a city which has a lot to offer of fashion, culture, soccer, radio and business.

MiCo will be our venue during from Sunday 15 to Tuesday 17 March 2015.  Download brochure or take a look at their web site.

The city of Milan will be one of Radiodays Europe's local partners for the event.  Milan has a vibrant radio market and likes to present itself as Iatly's financial and business capital.  See their video below. 

All over the city it is in these months ongoing construction work in preparation for the World Expo 2015 which is assumed to attract 22 million visitors to Milan in the six months from the opening May 1st 2015.  Expect even to get a sneak preview of this during Radiodays Europe in March 2015.  Here is the EXPO 2015 web site.