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Mel Greig is looking for a new job

“My body went completely numb, I couldn’t get out of bed and I couldn’t talk to anyone. It’s scary how much something like this can take you over”. 

Mel Greig has had a tough time since the royal prank call which led to the suicide of hospital nurse Jacinta Saldanha. 


And this was a really sensitive session. Mel told her personal story. What happened that day when they aired the prank call? How did the news about the hoax spread around the world? 


And the aftermath. The suicide. The series of events following Saldanha's death really affected Mel’s entire life. It changed her world. 


Mel also spoke intimately about the trolls that responded negatively online, as well as her real life stalker. 


“Life is precious and I’m much stronger now”. 


And she wants to get back into radio now. Not current affairs, and certainly no more prank calls, but Mel Greig is open to job offers, in Australia or elsewhere. 


Any Programme Directors out there?