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YouTube mega-stars Jack Howard and Dean Dobbs

Meet YouTube mega-stars Jack and Dean at Radiodays Europe in Milan

YouTube mega-stars Jack Howard and Dean Dobbs are among the most exciting double act in the digital world. Their hilarious comedy sketches attract fans from all over the world.

- Traditional youth broadcasters must adapt or die. It would be short-sighted to dismiss the importance of vloggers and ignore the new breed of presenting talent that are so influential to young audiences.

It is Ben Cooper who says so.  He is the controller of BBC’s youth channels Radio 1 and 1Xtra.  In September he introduced some of UK’s most popular videobloggers (vloggers) on YouTube in a weekly radio programme which is the first of its kind.  It is a fully visualized show which is broadcast live on Radio 1 as well as it is streamed on the Radio 1 web site.

Combined the Vloggers appearing on BBC Radio 1 have 27 million subscribers to their YouTube channels. 

Among them are Jack & Dean – one of the most exciting double acts in the digital world.  Their hilarious short films and sketches regularly attract fans from all over the world.  Get a taste in this music video over a serious theme.



Jack Howard and Dean Dobb have become really enthusiastic about radio: “I'm extremely excited about this. Radio is something that I never thought I wanted to do until I got into the studio and realised how comfortable and free and creative it is,”  says Jack.  He was recently hailed as an “inspiration” by Jon Kilik, the Hollywood producer behind the award-winning Hunger Games films.

Jack and Dean are both 22 years and graduates from the Lincoln School of Film and Media.  In addition to the radio show they are currently also developing a brand new sitcom for television.  And they have live shows at venues in London and festivals around the country.  They will be on stage at Radiodays Europe in a session with Joe Harland, Head of Visualization at BBC Radio 1, UK.

Videos filmed by Radio 1 have made it the biggest radio station in the world on YouTube and the first station to reach 1 million subscribers. The station’s YouTube channel which currently has over 1.4 million subscribers has amassed over 350 million views, with almost 1 billion minutes (16 million hours) of content watched on the platform. Radio 1 reaches over 40% of all 15-24s in the UK.