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Claire Neal

A man, his guitar and a walk down memory lane

Claire Neal is the producer of the “Ronnie Wood Show”, and she had quite a lot of inside information to share about the show and Ronnie himself.

First, did you know that he’s an artist as well as an acclaimed musician?
She told a captive Radiodays audience that he’s no longer the rock’n’roller he used to be, but leads a quiet and private life. After two years making the radio show together they’ve become very good friends.
The radio show was first aired in April 2010 but the story started some time before that, when Claire Neal – who works for the media production company Somethin Else – contacted Ronnie Woods’ management and tried to get a meeting with him. Luck would have it they got in touch at the right time and Ronnie was on board for a show.
Woods had always liked Bob Dylan’s show “Theme Time Radio Hour” – so they decided to do their version of the show – not copying it, but making it their own. Starting out was anything but easy. Ronnie was used to do concerts in front of thousands, but a radio studio made him freeze up. At one point he even drank as many as eighteen double espressos in one day to try and calm his nerves.
So after a while of trying and failing to make a show Claire one day decided, when they sat in the studio and had a chat, to start recording without telling Ronnie. He had so many good stories from his past to tell her and after a while he said; “Hey we should record this!” Whereas she replied that she’d already done it. And that was the beginning of the “Ronnie Wood Show” – a show that has gone on to win several awards, among them a Sony Award.
For Ronnie it’s important that the atmosphere is right, that he’s surrounded with friends and people he trust – that’s when he shines. They decided to make use of Ronnie’s A-list contacts and invite different stars to his show. This gives the listeners lots of good music and great stories. 
After video taping one of his famous friends visiting, capturing the atmosphere, the idea of turning the radio show into a TV show was born. Somethin Else have had a long standing partnership with Sky Arts, and it wasn’t long until the radio show was on TV as well. The first show aired at the end of February this year. 
She ended her session by letting the audience in on fre more facts about Ronnie. The radio show has helped him express himself better and it helps him remember things he’d forgotten – and it also helps him stay sober.