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Making Radio Cool for Young Talent

When Santa Claus can become cool for thousands of young New Yorkers via Facebook, so can Radio!

But today radio has to recruit much more actively than before to get the best young talents in.

- Is Radio in danger of loosing new generations of creative talent?  Yes! says Marieke Hermans from NPO in the Netherlands. 
   - As an innovation manager I work as an intermediate between decision makers and creatives.  I often wonder why OK ideas are put into production, while brilliant ones are not. 
   I see it as my task to help the best ideas to win.  It is characteristic for good storytellers that they look for stages where they can perform.  Before they used to chose us - in radio and tv. Not anymore!  Today they choose the net with the freedom and the new possibilities for expression which are to be found there.  I believe we are not taking this challenge seriously enough, Marieke says - and she has a lot to say about what should be done.  Expect provocations from her!

   Maybe also from the other side - from young multiskilled and multicultural talents who tell their stories about how new ideas, formats and practices can work their way into even very well-established and traditional radio organisations. 

Susanne Fatah, 28,
is one of the three voices on Swedish Radios huge success Din gata 100,6. Din gata (“Your street”) is a local youth station in Malmö, a city with many immigrants.  Susanne was headhunted by creator and producer Ulla Svensson at the age of 23. Before that she had never done radio at all. Her plans back then was to become a police officer.  Now, five years later, she is still at Swedish Radio working as a radio producer. She has also taken on the task of finding new stars for tomorrows Din gata 100,6.

Daniel Fiene, 29,
is an audio-journalist from Düsseldorf/Germany. Since 2004 he's hosting the podcast "Was mit Medien", that is all about the mediashift and has it's origin at Münster's campusradio Radio Q. The podcast has won several prizes and nominations. Daniel and his partner Herr Pähler are contributing to the programs of DRadio Wissen, RBB Radio Eins, WDR 5 and Deutschlandradio Kultur. Daniel is working as editor at Antenne Düsseldorf, where he is hosting the "Sendung mit dem Internet", a weekly crossmedia-format about  tech and the web. He teaches "Radio- & Crossmedia"-classes at several journalistic academies. Find his personal blog at

   How does the picture of the mass of Santa Clauses fit into this?  Perfectly!  It shows how social media and mass events can play together.  Coordinated by messages to individual mobiles people can meet up in one place at the same time in thousands - as Santa Clauses in a New York subway station (cfr "Santacon"), as protesters on a square in Cairo or as listeners to a cool radio show.  Mass and individual media can play together and radio needs young talent to discover how this best can be utilized today.