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Live broadcasts to Spain, Italy and Europe

The Spanish public broadcaster, Radio Nacional de España (RNE), will make two live broadcasts from Radiodays Europe in Barcelona. Also the morning show on RAI 2 in Italy will broadcast from Barcelona 15-16 March.

Radio Exterior de España is the international broadcast of RNE and is celebrating its 70th birthday. It will broadcast its European programme “Europa Abierta” (Open Europe) between 11.05 and 12 on Friday. The programme will be hosted by Frank Smith, Chema Forte and Guillaume Bontoux and much of the programme will focus on radio and journalism.
RNE is also broadcasting its Catalan current affairs programme on Thursday between 16.00-17.00, also focusing on the Spanish and Catalan radio landscape. Many of the speakers in the session “Radio in Spain and Catalonia” will be guests on the programme.
Both RNE broadcasts will be live from the foyer outside the Raval session room.
Italian radio
Filippo Solibello is the host on the morning show Caterpillar on RAI 2. He is bringing the whole team with him to do a full show from Barcelona, with lots of interviews from Radiodays Europe. Filippo is also the moderator in the session “My show on the radio” Thursday afternoon.
DAB broadcast
There will also be a local DAB broadcast with radio, slide shows and video. It has been set up by Abertis to cover CCCB during the event.