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Literary Pub Crawl and other Dublin Tours

The pub, the poet and the pint.  This is the theme for one of four Dublin tours offered on Sunday 23 March for RDE participants and their partners.  Read about the tours here.

All tours will start from the Convention Centre Dublin, please email if you wish to take part in any of the tours. Places are limited so please register your interest as soon as possible.


Treasure/ Culture Hunt: (Unlimited capacity - start anytime between 1100 and 1600)

Challenge yourself and explore Dublin City!  Take the opportunity to challenge yourself with an exciting and interactive walking trip around Dublin City.  No bus, no guide, no museums or tourist traps.

Form a team with your colleagues or other delegates; follow the directions and try to solve the clues and see Dublin from a truly cultural perspective. If you get lost, there are people along the route to set you right. Participants can go as fast or as slowly as you want and stop for refreshments anywhere along the route.  When you are successful at finishing the route, your score sheet will be entered into our draw to win a prize.

This is a treasure hunt (without treasure) with a literary, artistic and musical theme.

You stroll through Dublin, look, listen and talk.

Starting from 11.00 and running until 16.00

Duration: approximately 2 hours depending on breaks!


Walking in the Pheonix Park: (25 max - starting 1200)

This is a chance to see one of the most historic parts of Dublin’s fair city in the company of someone who knows its stories really well. With its associations with British Kings and Queens, American Presidents, Irish patriots and literary figures in a beautiful landscaped setting a visit to the Phoenix Park is bound to give you the memories and photographs that will make your visit to Dublin truly entertaining and memorable.

Your guide; John Ducie is a Failte Ireland, National Tour Guide who is an expert on Ireland’s cultural and natural heritage. Join him on a walk through Dublin’s Pheonix Park, one of the largest enclosed urban parks in Europe and home to a herd of fallow deer, numerous historic buildings, stories and associations.

Time: 12.00

Duration: 90 minutes to 2 hours

Level:  Easy, all on paths with gentle inclines


Literary Pub Crawl (Max 30 people - Starting 1500)

The pub, the poet and the pint. In Dublin, they seem to be inseparable. There is a striking range of hostelries to choose from. When you join the Dublin Literary Pub Crawl™ you will discover the gin palace, the long hall and the spirit grocer, and hear about the characters that frequented them. Professional actors perform from the works of Joyce, Beckett and Wilde and tell you about the origins of snugs and the history of shebeens.

The Observer critic Kenneth Tynan once said: ‘English drama is a procession of glittering Irishmen’. The public house is where many of them sharpened their wit. Each of the great writers – from Joyce to Seamus Heaney – had a favourite hostelry. This tour will show you which locale they favoured. So sally forth with two actors and raise a glass to a great tradition. For further information check out

Time: 3pm

Duration: 2 hours

Tour of RTÉ Radio (Max 30 - starting 13:30)

Since 1928 Irish radio, (Radio Éireann), had been housed in the GPO on O'Connell Street, in the centre of Dublin, in cramped and unsuitable accommodation. With the coming of television in 1960, a site was developed for television studios off the Stillorgan road, South of Dublin city centre. By May 1974, RTÉ radio had become firmly ensconced in its new purpose-built home at Donnybrook. From this building emanates most of RTÉ's radio output on two national channels RTÉ Radio 1, and RTÉ 2fm, as well as a number of digital radio channels available on DAB. RTÉ's two other national radio channels are broadcast from outside Dublin.

Kevin Reynolds, Series Producer of RTÉ Radio Drama and Adam Fogarty Editor of our digital station RTÉ PULSE will guide you on a short conducted tour of The RTÉ Radio Centre and environs. Sunday is a quiet afternoon for politics and current affairs, but was always a busy one for sport.

There will be an opportunity for observation and questions.  

Time: 13.30

Duration: 2 hours, easy walking.