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Let’s make radio exciting

Mark Gillman, founder of the Gilman Group, does not like things that are boring. A previously successful radio host in South Africa, Mark now helps create moments for advertisers and radio stations.

In a session that would be uncomfortable for the hungover, Mark screamed at the auditorium about the necessity for stations to approach their audiences in new ways. Merely trying to reflect your audience was not enough. You had to meet them, take your programming to them, provide adventures that they could journey along with and let them take control by broadcasting themselves on your airwaves.

Mark is a big believer that it’s radio’s job to be exciting and relieve the boredom of people's lives. In the session he talked about a number of ideas that he felt demonstrated a “think differently and think big approach.”

This included a campaign for Smirnoff where listeners who are having a party could win an upgrade from Smirnoff - with attractive people, music and drinks. The party developed during the show and listeners were part of the story. The activity was visualised for the client website and the radio DJ even turned up to the party at the end of their show.