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Kim Wilde at Radiodays Europe 2014 in Dublin

Kim Wilde takes the stage

The eagerly anticipated presentation from Kim Wilde was both entertaining and very well attended – with many enthusiastically singing along to her performance of “Kids in America”.

Kim has just started presenting a “fresh, modern, trendy and outstanding” new radio show and she had just flown in from a gig elsewhere. She was evidently excited to be at Radiodays Europe and involved in radio.

Wilde spoke of her international career with obvious gratitude, referring to her performances with other greats such as Michael Jackson.

“I’ve always loved radio”, Kim said. “I’ve done a lot of radio tours and I always used to love the immediacy and spontaneity of it. There’s also no pressure to put your lipstick on, which is always a bonus”. Kim described how being “from the 80s” means that she has an insight into the era that she can offer to the listeners.

Kim ended the presentation by performing some of her well known hits.

Kim Wilde interviewed by Trevor Dann, Radiodays Europe (3 min).

Watch her full session at Radiodays Europe 24 March 2014 (25 min).


See her in her hit "Kids in America" (1981).