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Dennis Clark at Radiodays Europe 2015 in Milan, Italy

Keeping relevant on the radio

How do you ensure presenters are still connecting with an audience? Dennis Clark, Vice President of Talent Development at iHeart Media, said that today’s market offers a huge opportunity for personalities.


Dennis believes that although there is a wide range of technology now available, there are still many ways for personalities to be heard. All you need to do is stay relevant. 

“Don’t be boring”. This is the simple message that Dennis emphasises. What does your audience want? Make sure you give it to them, and make sure you give it to them in a different way each time. 

Shows need to find their target, discover what they care about and find what makes their content unique - this is the three step strategy that Clark believes is the key to remaining relevant in today’s market. 

Dennis Clark shared his idea that “developing a listener profile” is still very important in presentation. He presented a good example of how broadcasters should put content through an "audience filter”. Ryan Seacrest at Kiis FM is the king of this. 

Technology can also help presenters stay relevant. Dennis highlighted software used in Californian radio, charting the most popular trending topics within a certain demographic - this lets presenters always stay up-to-date. 

Clark also highlighted that the most important part of developing talent is to define the personalities within a show. Keep your personality simple and on message. This makes it easier to connect with an audience. 

Ultimately, in a time when listeners can go elsewhere to get content, it’s vital to make personalities relevant, relatable and - importantly - not boring.