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#Je suis Charlie

Terror and breaking news – the inside story

The terrorist attacks on Charlie Hebdo and a supermarket Paris was the breaking news story of the decade in France. Attacks that chocked the entire nation and a whole world. At Radiodays Europe you will hear the inside story from two French newsrooms.

 France Info (Radio France) and of Radio France International, told the story to the outside world.

The massive engagement of the public in defense of freedom of speech got manifested in the hashtag “jesuischarlie” – I am Charlie - the most used hashtag worldwide in history. 

How did this story emerge and how was it covered, what discussions went on in the newsrooms about what to publish and when? How was the news spread in social media and what is radio´s role when a story like this breaks?

In addition Mark Cummins of SBS in Australia will join the conversation with perspectives from the Sydney hostage siege. He was himself on the phone with one of the hostages during the siege.

Cécile Mégie (Director, Radio France International)
Antoine Bayet (Head of digital, France Info, Radio France)

Mark Cummins (Content manager, SBS, Australia)