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iTunes Radio Usage in the US

Larry Rosin from Edison Research outlined their own investigation into iTunes Radio.

Amongst all streaming services, iTunes is the number three in awareness (47%) and number three in listened in the last month (8%) after merely a few months of existing. This increased to 17% (number 2) for 12 to 24s.

There was strong usage (38%) around lean-back functionality - picking pre-programmed stations rather than stations users had to curate themselves - showing there was a demand for more radio-like functionality.


Overall, however, one of the key successes of the service came from being part of iOS ecosystem.  iTunes Radio appears in devices that they love and is promoted in an app they trust and regularly use. It had a significant effect of making them use other streaming apps considerably less. The numbers say that 40% of users are spending less time with existing audio (including radio) and 40% listening to more audio.


Larry suggested we followed Beyonce’s advice “So don't you ever for a second get to thinkin’ you're irreplaceable”.

Rüdiger Landgraf from Austria’s Kronehit talked about their own experimentation with a Pandora-esque service. Initially designed as a service to upsell from free to premium they realised how hard that was. Of the 18,000 initial users only 12 paid for the premium product. However having it as a free product was now an essential part of Kronehit’s armoury.

Caroline Grazé from NRJ in Germany talked about the success NRJ have with their side-channels and how, like Kronehit, it’s important both to defend against new competition but also to generate new revenue.

Larry Rosin interviewed by Trevor Dann, Radiodays Europe: