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How can broadcasters encourage listeners to interact with radio stations online?

  Let them play games – that's the approach of Hannes Mehring, Founder of the media agency, Frischr. At Frischr they have developed an app that allows radio stations to reward their more active users through "gamification." With this app, Frischr give out points and prizes to users for sending in pictures, listening to the radio for a certain amount of time, or voting for a song. 
Last year, Frischr co-operated with Detektor.FM, a German online radio station. They created an interactive radio show called "Vox Publica." Christian Bollert, CEO of Detektor.FM, explained that Vox Publica is a monthly radio programme in which listeners vote for the programme's topic online (see presentation below). Detektor.FM asks listeners to contribute – they send in words, audio and video. The show will be produced out of this and, as Bollert added, nearly all of the user generated content is surprisingly good quality material.
Listeners also like to test their knowledge, something they can do that with an app made by Unique Interactive, as Simon Blackmore, Managing Director, explained. Unique have made a mobile gaming app where users can identify small snippets of music. They can play against the clock and against other users. Scores can be shared via Twitter and Facebook and users can also buy the tracks online at the iTunes store. 
Another way of enhancing radio is via sound. Radio France is focussed on sound quality, as Joel Ronez, Director of New Media, explained. On their new streaming platform,, they offer their listeners multichannel sound experiences. Using this listeners can listen via the wonders of 5.1 sound and binaural sound. 
Listen to Radio France below (listening via headphones is best).


Take a look at Christian Bollert's presentation: