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The infamous royal prank call – the DJ tells her story

Mel Greig and her co-host on 2DAYFM in Sydney pretended to be the Queen of England and Prince Charles when they called a London hospital where a pregnant Kate Middleton was being treated. They thought “Let’s have terrible accents and see how quickly they hang up.”

But no one did. The call was aired. The hospital nurse Jacinta Saldanha, who took the call, committed suicide following the enormous media attention of the radio hoax.

Mel will tell her story about what happened that day when they aired the prank call. How the news about their hoax spread around the world. And the aftermath. The suicide. How it affected her work, her life, the “trolls” stalking her.


Usually you try to get permission from the person involved. How far can you go? Where are the limits? What can we learn?