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If Psychologists ran radio stations

What would happen if programme directors were all psychologists? Adam Ferrier, author of “The Advertising Effect: How to Change Behaviour”, gave an entertaining presentation and tried to answer this question.

The positives are boring. Our strengths are in our vulnerabilities. By accepting who we are and who are listeners are, stations can emphasise these negatives as positives, and further emphasise their brand.

Brands needs to figure out what’s wrong with themselves before they can make things right. He points out that if a psychologist was in charge of a radio station they’d ensure the station maintained a strong purpose, by finding strengths in weaknesses.

Ferrier shows how common fears can help a radio station interact with an audience, by accepting widely held fears of freedom, death, meaninglessness and isolation, we can create immediacy and intimacy which can only be beneficial to the listeners.

People enjoy doing favours and sharing. Ferrier states that in an era where social interaction is so widely available, ensuring listeners are involved in promoting a station seems the only way to effectively publicise your brand.

It’s clear that if Adam Ferrier, the psychologist, did run a radio station, it would be an unusual and entertaining listen indeed.