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Hybrid radio - what's next, now

 Radio is now a multiplatform medium: but, with multiple ways to listen, radio's never been more complicated for the listener.

Hybrid radio is a way of using the best parts of broadcast radio - a cheap, reliable way of reaching hundreds of thousands of listeners - with the best parts of the internet, too. Hybrid radio receivers are already available, and hundreds of stations are already hybrid-enabled.
In this session, discover how hybrid radio makes it easier to listen to radio - from the automatically re-tuning car radio that never loses signal, to how German radio broadcasters have enhanced their FM and DAB+ transmissions with visuals, how smartphones can last longer when listening to the radio, and how you'll never need to worry about remembering a phone number on the radio ever again. And, see a concept radio of tomorrow.
If you're interested about the future of radio receivers - or keen to understand new ways to monetise your audience, you can't miss this engaging and fascinating session.