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Hybrid radio: the best of both worlds?

Discussing whether broadcast radio is better than internet radio is the wrong approach – just use both together and you a get much cleverer radio: hybrid radio.

Using hybrid radio, broadcasters can obtain mass market and good reach via terrestrial broadcast, combined with personalization and interaction delivered through the internet, says Nick Piggott, Chairman of RadioDNS.  The great thing is, he adds, that you don't need any new technology, you just have to glue the existing technologies together. FM, DAB+ and the internet can come together in one device, re-packaging broadcast radio to look like an app. 
In Germany digital radio has been launched nationwide and the public radio stations are happy with the results, says Sebastian Kett of SWR. Reception is very good, it reaches 90% of the population. 
But through hybrid radio you can create a seamless media experience.
In the car, hybrid radio makes your receiver look better, demonstrates Tobias Wallerius, Hardware Architect at Visteon. Radios can add visuals and bring corporate identity to the receiver. Listeners can also get extra data, like song titles or band names, and save the information on the user's mobile to read later.
Since radio is a passive medium, it's practical to let listeners tag content to look up later, says Andy Buckingham at Global Radio. It is possible for radio receivers to remember songs, adverts or inspiring programme content. 
The most important thing to remember when discussing hybrid radio, stresses Michael Hill of UK Radioplayer, is to keep it simple and think about the user. The only thing the user cares about is his favourite radio station. Unfortunately, a lot of hybrid radios offer interfaces that are hard to navigate through, says Hill. As a solution he presents Radioplayer UK, a universal online listening platform.


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