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How to stay number one

 Getting to number one takes a lot of skill and effort. But for a radio station, staying at number one is where the real work begins. Jingle company ReelWorld invited three programme directors to discuss how they’ve managed to maintain their position.

 A rhythmic CHR station in Berlin, an AC station in London and a public service station in Norway. They are all number one in their respective markets and demographics. In a discussion moderated by the Vice President of Programming at Clear Channel in Los Angeles, Andrew Jeffries, the three found common ground on a lot of important points.
Firstly, stay awake and be alert to changes in the market, says Christian Schalt. He is the General Manager of the very successful Kiss FM in Berlin. The station was flipped from Urban to Rhythmic CHR and managed to corner the market. Schalt explains that music was key to their success. 
Music is also central to the success of London station, Magic 105.4. Knowing that winning the biggest breakfast audiences will cost a lot of money, they focus on daytime programming between 9am and 5pm. 
Setting the mood with the listener is key too. This is time where we don’t do promotions, but focus on music and shorter speech segments, says Pete Simmons, Programme Director at Magic.
For public service broadcaster, NRK, and their youth oriented stations P3 and mP3, the figures are incredible. Over the last five years they’ve seen an increase in share of 45 per cent. Head of P3 and mP3, Tone Donald, says all her presenters follow a simple three word strategy: on, brave and extrovert. 
(On, in Norwegian, means a number of things, amongst them on-air, being alert and forward).